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    Application Template Empty Application Template

    Post  Kneezus on Sun Dec 06, 2009 11:45 pm

    Welcome and thank you for applying to Face on Fire!

    This is the application template to be used. Please keep in mind that any application that does not have this format, will not be considered.

    Just copy, paste and fill in the blanks!

    Ohh and don't forget to put a smiley face at the very bottom of the application.

    Thank you!
    -Kneez (Guild Master)

    Any questions annotated by an asterix * are required.

    ::Personal Information::

    RL Name:



    *Do you have a problem with vulgar language, racist comments of any and all colors or sexist comments?:

    *Raid Availablity:

    ::Character / Game Information::

    *Character Name:


    *Primary Spec:
    *Secondary Spec:

    *Armory Link:

    *Names of any alts you frequently play:

    *Combat Log Parses: (WMO, WOL, WWS)

    *What is your raiding experience?:

    *What is your favorite boss encounter and why?:

    ::Additional Information::

    *How did you hear about us?:

    *Do you know anyone in Face on Fire?:

    *Do you have vent and a mic?:

    *Post a screenshot of your UI:

    *What sites do you use for WoW related information?:

    *Did you read all the stickies before posting this application?:

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