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    Twas the Night Before Cataclysm!

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    Twas the Night Before Cataclysm! Empty Twas the Night Before Cataclysm!

    Post  Kneezus on Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:23 am

    and all through the house no one was stirring not even a mouse.

    Cause you assholes and your pet mice are all at the Gamestop buying your copies!

    We made it, a full year.

    This guild turned one year old today.

    Congratulations guys! Now, all that is left, is one huge push into Cataclysm! Start off strong, you have brand new content to clear with brand new raiding hours!

    Over this year, we have overcome an ever-changing raiding roster, made it to 8/12 Heroic ICC25, which wasen't ideal but it was spectacular when we were always shorthanded.

    To those of you, who kept it together, thank you. You will continue to make this guild strong in the coming exspansion I am sure. It hasen't been an easy year for most of us. I have probably had my foot up your ass for waaaay too much of it. With this exspansion we will be seeing a lot of people coming out of the woodworks, some old faces, a lot of new. Welcome them to the team, learn to work with them, help them, make yourselves stronger.

    I won't be there to make the push with you all into Cataclysm for a while. My financial situation is too screwed to manage, so it will be at least January sometime before I could finally get myself back into the game.

    Tare, Mowah and Steady will be taking point while I am out of comission and possibly when/if I am finally back in. So I need you guys to follow their lead (even Mowah's, no matter how drunk he is) and do what you know you can. Compete, with Exit Strategy, with AAO, smash Dragon Crusaders into the ground.

    Myself and Tare have busted our asses to make FoF what it is, along with a lot of you. Keep kicking ass guys. I want FoF to see the end of this expansion.

    A quick thanks to AAO as well! You guys have done wonders for us! Anyone new to this guild will do well to remember that as well. AAO is a group of friends you treat them all with respect. Especially Mandarb, Chaeletta and Seiva.

    Good luck guys. I will see you all on this evening. Ready to send you off to this new doomed world!

    -- Your Lord and Savior
    Kneezus Christ.

    Twas the Night Before Cataclysm! Sig-1966963

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