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    FoF's First Night in 25's; Success and then some.

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    FoF's First Night in 25's; Success and then some.

    Post  Kneezus on Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:05 pm

    Well, first off, let me say good job. To new members, not so new members, veterans and officers alike.

    Last night are the exact reasons I wanted to lead a guild again. The level of dedication you all displayed, including the few we pugged was just outstanding!

    We walked in, destroyed ToC25 and then not even ICC25 stood a chance. THen, even after that, we walked over VoA25. All that and we only went an hour past raid time.

    Keep raiding hard everyone. Last night definetly showed that this is where you want to be. The loot system has been fixed, now we just need a few more members to fill out the last odds and ends of our team!

    Keep this up guys. I'm loving the pace!


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